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What are the eligibility requirements?

Applicants should be in their mid-career, possess working proficiency in English with a high-degree of professional, academic and work achievements. Aspiring Next Generation Leaders must demonstrate commitment to highest level of ethical leadership, show decisive recommendations that substantiate their leadership qualities, and make a commitment to return to their home environment at the end of the program year. To determine if you are a competitive candidate for the NGL Program, please review the biographies of previous leaders on our website.

What is considered mid-career? Is there a specific age requirement?

Participants should have a decade or more of career experience. There is no specific age requirement, however, typical NGLs range from 30 to 45 years old.

Do I have to be fluent in English?

Yes, applicants must be fluent in English. NGLs must be able to read and understand complex texts; give oral presentations in front of small and large audiences, build a professional network; and create personal relationships with colleagues, Institute staff and distinguished guests. Additionally, participation in the NGL program is contingent on approval of a J1 U.S. visa. English proficiency is a requirement for this visa.

Does the program accept students or academics?

Although the McCain Institute is part of Arizona State University, the NGL Program does not accept full-time students or full-time academics. The NGL program is designed for leader-practitioners who seek to implement a high-impact vision for leadership in their home environments.

Is the McCain Institute looking for individuals with a specific professional background or from a specific country?

The McCain Institute selects target countries and sectors that are specific to each program year. However, applicants from all countries and professional backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The key criteria for acceptance into the Program are leadership capacity and vision, your draft Leadership Action Plan, and fulfillment of all other eligibility requirements.

Will I receive a stipend?

Yes, the McCain Institute provides each NGL a stipend that covers all standard living costs for a year. Each participant receives the stipend amount monthly, covering expenses such as rent, utilities, food and any other regular costs. The stipend amount varies depending on the cost of living in the participant’s placement city. Added to the stipend is travel allowance that NGLs may use for professional travel in support of their LAP’s during the program year. The overall stipend is separate from the program related cost, such as travel to and from leadership training modules, module lodgings and per diem for the duration of program modules are covered by the McCain Institute separately. Per visa regulations the McCain Institute also covers health insurance and workers comp.

How can I support the Next Generation Leaders Program?

We welcome new sponsors of our program and are very grateful for the support of our current donors. Please contact Anna Voloshin, the McCain Institute’s senior director for development, at Anna.Voloshin@asu.edu" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Anna.Voloshin@asu.edu to discuss sponsorship opportunities.


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Date Posted:Dec 8, 2019 Closing Date: Feb 7, 2020


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