Scholarship Description:

RTF-DCS Program shall be managed and implemented by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), New Delhi

IV. Number of fellowships

Sixty (60) scientists

V. Duration of fellowship

The Fellowship will be for a period of six months.


  1. Agricultural Sciences
  2. Biological and Medical Sciences
  3. Chemical Sciences
  4. Physical Sciences and Mathematics
  5. Earth Sciences
  6. Engineering Sciences
  7. Materials, Minerals and Metallurgy
  8. Multi-disciplinary and Other Areas
  9. VII. El

IX. Financial and other terms and conditions

  1. Full financial assistance will be provided to the selected Fellows which will include the following:-
  2. Round trip international airfare @ Rs. 60,000/- (on actuals) by excursion/ economy class and by shortest route from the international airport in the home      country to the international airport nearest to the host institution.
  3. A consolidated Fellowship amount of Indian Rupees (INR) 50,000 per month (non-taxable) for accommodation, meals and other miscellaneous expenses
  4. One-time grant of INR 30,000/- (subject to actual) for research contingency expenses, chemicals and consumables, airport transfers and domestic travel for      attending conferences / seminars etc in India;
  5. Overhead charges of Rs. 20,000/- to Indian host institute
  6.       The allowances as in (b) and the actual expenditure as in (c) will be released to the host institution for disbursement to the RTF-DCS Fellow.
  7.       The host Institution will arrange appropriate accommodation for the Fellow on payment basis.
  8. The selected Fellow will take an appropriate policy for health insurance coverage for the period of stay in India. The cost for taking the insurance policy is not      reimbursable under the scheme.
  9.       The FICCI, New Delhi will purchase the air ticket for his/ her travel to India only after receiving the insurance policy document of the selected Fellow.
  10.       The selected Fellow must take vaccinations (such as Yellow Fever, Polio etc.), as may be required under Government of India guidelines.
  11. Individual Fellow, or his/ her government / institution, is required to bear the following costs:
  12. All expenses in the home country incidental to travel abroad, including expenditure incurred to obtain passport and visa and for medical examinations and      vaccinations as may be required as well as other miscellaneous expenses such as internal travel to/from the international airport of departure in the home      country.
  13. Salary and other related allowances in the home country, if applicable, during the Fellowship period.
  14. Cost towards the medical insurance to cover the period of Fellowship in India.
  15. Neither DST nor the host institution in India will assume any responsibility whatsoever for the following expenditure of the Fellows during the tenure of the Fellowship:
  16. Visa Fee.
  17. Insurance, medical bills or hospitalisation fees.
  18. Compensation in the event of death, disability or loss of personal belongings or compensation for damage caused by climatic or other conditions.

Travel and other costs incurred by the dependents, who might accompany the

  1. During their tenures, Fellows shall not, either in or outside the host institution, infringe in any way on the human rights of others, including racial or gender      discrimination or other forms of abuse..
  2. The Fellows shall follow the rules of the host institution and shall not undertake any acts of research misconduct, e.g., fabricating or falsifying research results and      misuse of research funds

Scholarship Details:

Date Posted:Aug 29, 2019 Closing Date: Sep 30, 2019


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