Scholarship Description:

Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) is planned to be a knowledge based and activity oriented leadership and entrepreneurship, youth training program on Sustainable Energy in Afghanistan. YES intends to bring together in school youth to deepen their technical, leadership and entrepreneurship skills. 2017 marks as the first year of conducting this program as a pilot project.
Based on the National Energy Policy and 5 year energy self-sufficiency plans of Afghan Government, the YES program will provide part of the manpower required for the energy sector of the country. To complete the program, about 30 youth will attend 2 workshops which will hold for 2 months each and one month of practices. Workshop 1 will focus on “technical trainings”, Workshop 2 will focus on “leadership and entrepreneurship skills”. The workshops consist by several training and lecturing sessions along with practical case studies.
YES will use a dynamic and customizable training curriculum based on participants’ needs and market demands into two different groups –Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in buildings. Each group will be consisting of 15 individuals who will fill an application form and pass a competitive interview session. Upon the completion of the program, each participant is mandated to conduct a passing-it-on (PiO) exercise, which implies doing a mini training to share what they have learnt with at least 15 other youth in their faculty or community, only those who complete the PiO qualify for a certificate. Through the PiO component of YES, we hope to educate at least 250 young people about leadership and entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency in buildings.
The training Venue will be the Kabul Pole-Technique University (KPU). Throughout the program, participants shall benefit from about 25 different interactive sessions. The other benefits of this program will include Internship with German Cooperation (IDEA program) for at least 5 months, conducting practical case studies, visiting RE power plants and related institutions and a chance to get a one year free membership of Afghanistan Renewable Energy Union (AREU).
The certificate provided for the participants of YES will be qualified and approved by relevant ministries including Ministry of Energy and Water.
At the end, a startup fair program will be conducted where the YES participants will present their business plans and ideas to local startup organizations, thought leaders and financial institutions. This program will be supported by an international consultant who will support the emerging startups and projects for access to finance in the country.
The goal of the project is to empower young people with technical knowledge and entrepreneurship skills to make them collaborate to change themselves and enhance private sector involvement in Renewable Energy Sector of the countr
Eligibility criteria
1. Proficiency in English and Persian language
2. Eager and willingness to start a business or already having a business,
3. Have a university degree in Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture and other relevant fields,
4. Basic knowledge of Sustainable Energy Solutions,
5. Registering for the program and applying by filling up an application form,
Note: Government and GIZ employees cannot be valid participants of this program.

Timeline (2017)
7 Nov Applications open at 15:00 AFT
14 Nov Applications close at 23:59 AFT
15 Nov Sifting of applications against eligibility criteria and applicants are shortlisted for interviews
16-18 Nov Applicants are notified that they have been selected for interview
19 Nov Interviews are completed and result is announced
25 Nov Orientation Session and Opening
26 Nov Program will be started in Kabul

What is Included?

Training fees

Internship contract and benefits with GIZ

Books and training material

One year membership in AREU
How to Apply?
All interested and qualified candidates shall submit their YES_APPLICATION_FORM along with their updated CV and photo attached to
Please mention the program name in the subject line of your email as YES, otherwise your application my not be considered for the program. For question or queries please contact the same email address or call 0777771794 until 14th of November 2017.
Other Provisions

Successful applicants wishing to take up this program will also have to agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in the Declaration section and fill in the health forms accordingly.

Scholarship Details:

Date Posted:Nov 7, 2017 Closing Date: Nov 13, 2017