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Integrity Watch, an Afghan civil society organization, and Open Contracting Partnership, a global civil society organization, are inviting applicants to a training for journalists on data-driven investigations of public procurement.

The Afghan government has spent millions of dollars to fight COVID-19 thus far, and is planning to spend a total of USD 1 billion to address health, economic and social impacts of COVID-19. Afghanistan is considered to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world, making the use of these funds vulnerable to corruption and misuse.

Open Contracting Partnership and Integrity Watch have designed a program to work with Afghan journalists to conduct investigative reports on the procurement of goods, services and infrastructure by the Afghan government to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program starts with a training for journalists and is followed by a call for applicants to small grants that will support data-driven investigations.

Afghan journalists can submit a CV either as a freelance journalist or as a representative of a media outlet to join the training. Investigative grants will be opened to both trainees and other interested members of the Afghan media.

Eligibility criteria for group I:

-         The training is open to journalists of all beats – politics, business, health and others – that are members of the Afghan media fraternity either as a freelancer or staff member of a media outlet.

-         Conducted at least two investigative reports in the last two years.

Eligibility criteria for group II:

-         Staff member of a media outlet that works in news or any other department interested to work as an investigative journalist in the future.

-         College graduates that are interested to work in investigative field in the future

Note: +93797790700 in the contact details and “please send your CV and cover letter to hr@iwaweb.org with subjectline “investigative journalist training”.


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