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Date Posted:Jan 12, 2010
Closing Date:Jan 27, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:Fresh
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: Yes
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:

About Sarey:

Job Summary:

 To identify vulnerable children employed in the workshops
 Conducting meetings with community stakeholders
 To have good coordination with all staff in particular with referral officers and drop in center social workers.
 Making good relation with local authorities shorahs and NGOs working in the area
 Follow up of absent beneficiaries and children employers visits in the areas
 Conducting CRC, CP and CSA workshops in the areas.
 Make sure child protection in Torkham bazaar is done by people.
 Make sure the child protection code of conduct is singed and implement and been supported by the workshop chairmen themselves
 To keep update the First Aid kits installed in workshops.
 Keep on motivating children in workshops to Tdh drop in center for some time in a day.

Basic salary: 247 usd

Duties & Responsibilities:

Child Protection Policy
• Commit to respect the Tdh Child Protection Policy
• To respect UNCRC and principles of child protection mentioned in UNCRC
• Commit to ensure the best implementation possible of the Child Protection Policy in Afghanistan
• Commit to inform supervisors and to deal with any cases, allegations, or possibility of transgression, even potential, of the Child Protection Policy

Main duties and responsibilities:
• Represent Tdh on the field, with professionalism, honesty and commitment.
• Identify gaps, problems and EVI in their area of responsibilities
• Facilitate the participation of the community in the daily life
• Maintain regular contact with community representative in their area of responsibilities
• Responsible of the link between the project and children, their families and the community as a whole
• Responsible of the link between the local authorities, community elders and shorhas in the area

Specific responsibilities:
• Conduct surveys and data collection.
• Act on vulnerable cases (individual and families) following the Project and Tdh criteria
• Identify, coordinate and/or collaborate with other service providers in order to reinforce information sharing and provision in the area (CRC awareness Drug Awareness, Health, Hygiene promotion, child protection etc.) through the ad hoc Committees and built knowledge.
• Provide information to the community on the services available and/or provided by service providers working in the Torkham area.
• Directly encourage participation and for all community members voices to be heard in decisions relating to their personal circumstances and community.
• SCA or other cases related to abuse should be referred to DolsaMD Jalalabad.
• Directly establish and/or facilitate the establishment of Child protection committees/groups with a focus on community participation in decision making and information sharing. Particular attention should be paid to vulnerable groups and/or persons, i.e.: children, youth, etc., whose voice might not be heard.
• Assist others departments for organization of events
• Responsible of the link between the project and children, their families and the community as a whole.
• Responsible of the link between the local authorities, community elders and shorhas in the area.
• Any other tasks assigned by the supervisor by working in Torkham bazaar, in community, referral of beneficiaries, assigned to keep activities in drop in center with beneficiaries etc.

• Report daily the problems and the information collected in the working area (data collection updating, vulnerable cases, arrival of children and departure, gaps and problems, etc.) to the line manager.
• Report vulnerable or children ‘at risk’ and/or in need of child protection to the line manager.
• Report any protection threat or security concerns relating to the current situation to line or senior supervisors.
• Preparing monthly plan of activities and written monthly reports to your Supervisor.

Job Requirement:

High School or Diploma degree with at least two years experience in the field of social working

 At lest two years experience or worked in relevant organization as social working
 To have enough experience in social work department
 It is important for an social worker to have certain qualities and skills when working with street and working children in bazaar.

Knowledge, Skills and abilities
1. Sufficient experience of working with local communities in upgrading local development projects at community level.
2. Prior knowledge and experience of the process of CDC and CAP formation at local level.
3. Good understanding of Afghan society, their tradition, culture and values.
4. Appropriate level of Computer knowledge is highly desirable.
5. Fluency in local languages and should be able to communicate in simple English. Excellent oral communication and presentation skills in local languages are required.

Job Location:

This job is expired

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