Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Master's Degree   Afghanistan, Kabul Full Time 1540
Date Posted:Jul 11, 2017
Closing Date:Aug 9, 2017
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Business Administration
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:8 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:96,90,66

About Exchangerzone:


Exchangerzone Microfinance Co. is the Afghanistan first and largest microfinance institution, and financial services company founded by Investone Corps. Inc. in Kabul. Investone Corps, Inc. is a holding company founded by States Corps Engineering which has office in Virginia, USA, and other countries of the region. The company is duly registered with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (ASIA), De Afghanistan Bank (DAB), Microfinance Investment Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA) and Ministry of Finance (MOF). We are the first company in Afghanistan outside the banking industry to offer microfinance, banking, investment, and financial services. Our main businesses are credit and prepaid credit cards, Microfinance Services, investment products & services, travel insurance & services, banking and other financial services. Exchangerzone is dedicated to focus on serving the comprehensive needs of individuals and businesses with high quality and value pricing. The company with a core staff of experienced national and international professionals and an expert team approaches to most financial services and projects within and outside Afghanistan.

Job Summary:

The job of a Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Deputy CEO) for Exchangerzone is very comprehensive at the same time very responsible. The role involves working closely with and supporting the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in retaining and increasing the customer base & market share of the organization. Deputy CEO will support the CEO for overall management of the organization in line with the organizations strategic plans.

This position is expected to have a broad and comprehensive knowledge of all matters related to the business of the organization with an eye towards identifying new sales perspectives and driving business growth and requirements for product development that will be coordinated with the marketing functions.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Assist the CEO for the overall management of Exchangerzone in line with the organization's strategic plan. The vision and mission of Exchangerzone along with the values must be inculcated in all staff members of the organization.

Responsible for monitoring Exchangerzone performance against the strategic plan, working with staff to stay on target and looking ahead to the long term development of the organization operationally and strategically.

Responsible for providing operational support and advice for the effective implementation of strategic plans and new business development activities.

Responsible for initiating the annual planning process and for overseeing and coordinating its development ensuring it is in line with overall strategic goals and mission of the organization.

To ensure that Exchangerzone operates in line with good governance practice.

Oversee the proper management of all staff including initiating and conducting staff appraisals.

Implement, manage change and support staff through this process.

Ensure the organization has appropriate and up-to-date policies and procedures in line with good practice for entire HR functions.

Lead by developing and cascading Exchangerzone strategy/mission statement to the lower ranking staff and implementing appropriate rewards/recognitions and coaching/corrective practices to align personnel with company goals.

Accountable for proper financial management of the organization by ensuring that all financial controls are in place and adhered, financial systems are fit-for-purpose and timely implemented so that the organization is properly resourced to deliver on the strategic plan.

To ensure that the management accounts are prepared for reporting quarterly to the Board on the overall financial health of the organization. Providing timely compliance and other reports to the Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) and other statutory bodies as required by Law/Regulations.

In-charge for preparing the Annual Budget and ensure that expenditure is controlled in line with the Budget.

Implement the approved Policies and Guidelines as set out by the CEO and the Board from time to time to the most productive use with the aim of creating maximum value for the company’s stakeholders.

Maintaining and monitoring measures for the measurement of an operations performance and consideration of efficiency versus effectiveness, often in the form of high level key indicators.

Management of overall business development of the organization in line with the organizations strategic plan;

Monitoring organizational performance against the strategic plan, working with staff to stay on target and looking ahead to the long term development of the organization operationally and strategically;

Initiate the annual planning process, oversee and coordinate its development to ensure that it is in line with overall strategic goals and mission of the organization;

Develop good relationships with external stakeholders including High value clients and partner organizations;

Elaborate business development plans, design and implement processes to support business growth through customer and market definition;

Facilitate business growth by working together with clients and business partners;

Maintain or increase Exchangerzone’s market share;

Build and maintain high level contacts with current, prospective customers, other business and project partners;

Drive prospects through to contract award (including identifying new customers and markets, developing approaches to the market, identifying prospects, proposal preparation, etc.);

Develop marketing strategy; manage proposal teams and client relationship managers;

Introduce new products and services until stabilization and hand over to operations;

Ensure the successful implementation of new delivery channels and adoption of new business functions.

Implement and monitor the Service Delivery Standards;

Continually improve customer services with satisfaction index as compared to a suitable baseline measure established through independent survey and studies;

Improve Branch ambience and make them conducive to customer care;

Draft/revise and adopt the existing manual of operations including Exchangerzone IT systems interface along with preparation of specific job cards and handouts to be used for every product;

Consolidate and be the custodian of all policy documents and manuals in Exchangerzone;

Review and revise the Business Plan for Exchangerzone;

Implement the investment and financing plans;

Undertake any other tasks at the instruction of the CEO and ensure proper succession planning.


This position manages the senior executive team and is responsible for the performance management and input regarding hiring of senior-level management.


An energetic and physically well employee is needed.


This is a full-time position, and regular hours of work and days are Saturday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; however, this position can regularly require long hours and frequent weekend work.


This position will report to CEO of Exchangerzone, Inc.

Job Requirement:

1. Master in Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in Banking and Finance or Investment, Master in Commerce (M.COM), Master in Economics (MA), or related degrees PhD holders will be proffered.
2. Five years of experience in Afghan banking and microfinance sector.


8 years of professional experience in banking industry, international organizations and governmental agencies. Private sectors experience especially in banking or finance is highly desirable.

The employee should be able to furnish two individuals as a guarantor for attesting the social worthiness of the employee.


Strategic Thinking

Business Acumen

Problem Solving/Analysis

Decision Making

Performance Management

Results Driven

Communication Proficiency.

Financial Management

Strong microfinance experience

Strong knowledge of Afghanistan banking and microfinance industry

Good IT & Computing knowledge


Honest, committed, hardworking and open to learn.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired